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Take a Pledge to Save water
  • Take the pledge to save Water

    Proudly contribute to the community by committing to save water. Get your certificate of being a "water saviour" delivered home.

I Pledge to Save water

I Pledge to Save Water is An Initiative by Plumber Bathware to make every Indian aware of looming water crisis . Its a community initiative for all Organizations to support , build awareness participation among their customers, employees , stake holders on this important issue . All People who wish to Join this campaign and who sign the Pledge will have their certificates generated with the water saviour Badge No. They will be designated water savioures in their cities and shall be part of groups to initiate , Support #IPledgetoSavewater Campaign in their cities , communities, offices . In every aspect and walk of life and in every thing we do. we need to take responsibility of saving water and our actions that help achieve it . i.e. improving the water Table, Water cycle, Water holding capacity of the soil like Planting trees. Most importantly. lets start from home.

The Problem

20% of the World's population do not have access to safe and clean drinking water
5 million children are dying annually across the globe, due to water-related diseases
700 Million people worldwide could experience with intense water stress by 2020
2.3 Billion people are living without access to proper sanitation across the Globe

The Solution

Simple places you can save water within your home

Save your family, and the country from a 'Dry Tomorrow'

More information

  • Why is it important to save water and ensure it is kept clean?
    Water conservation helps keep water pure and clean and it is important part of conserving the environment. As per studies, only 2% of the all the Earth's fresh supply of water is found in the glaciers and ice caps, while over 97,5% of the earth's water is mostly saltwater. The concept of conserving water ensures we are refraining from water pollution.
  • What are the benefits of save water?
    Not only do water-saving techniques save you money, but also helps diverts lesser water from bays, rivers, and estuaries, which helps keep the overall environment and the communities healthy. This habit can also reduce water wastage and wastewater treatment expenses, alongside the energy used to treat, pump, and heat the water.
  • How do you Conserve Water?
    • Only run water-using appliances when they're full.
    • Fix drips and leaks by replacing worn out tap washers.
    • Incorporate water conservation into your landscaping and gardening.
    • Reduce the amount of water used in toilets and basins.
    • Consider a water sensor shower and faucet.
    • Install rain harvesting methodologies.
    • Compost any food waste, instead of using your garbage disposal.
    • Be sensitive of water usage even when you have plentiful.
  • How much water does an Indian family consume per day?
    The standard norm for domestic water usage in India is 135 litres per capita per day (lpcd), prescribed by the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation. A family of 4 would typically use 540 liters a day. In Bengaluru, 50% of domestic consumers use less than 90 lpcd (around 65% of the standard norm).
  • How much water can an Indian family save each day?
    If intended to do so, a family of four in India can easily save up to 200 liters a day.